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Tackett / Thursday

Garden sculptures by La Gardo Tackett, a gift of the Lawrence Family in honor of Max and Rita Lawrence (Architectural Pottery founders), alongside  a Richard Neutra chair from his Channel Heights Housing Project, San Pedro. They are are currently on display at LACMA.

Weekend / Stuff

Gertrud + Otto Natzler

Hawk House / Stan Hawk

Milo Baughman / Glenn of California

Weekend / Stuff


Lantern by Aurilla Doener for Architectural Pottery and Doyle Lane

The Aurilla Doener lantern was in the 1964 Architectural Pottery catalog and it was shown in California Design 9 (1965)

A few years earlier Doener received an "Honorable Mention" in Washington. 

Plaque by Vivika and Otto Heino and a weaving

Cool ceramic lamps with not so cool shades

Tackett / Thursday

Steve McQueen is the "King of Cool", so it's no surprise he had La Gardo Tackett and Kenji Fujita in the kitchen of his 1962 Buff & Hensman in the Hollywood Hills. 
Photo: Sid Avery via Reform Gallery

I'm sure those Fujita liquor decanters saw a lot of use

Photo: Sid Avery

You know he drove his Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta to buy that Tackett

Steve McQueen also had Eames

Source: Life

He also wore khakis while sitting in his Tropi-Cal chair. 
Tough guys sit on iron.

Source: Gap 

Marlon Brando with bongos and a Harry Lawenda Lamp. That also looks like a Richard Galef pencil cup.

Photo: Sid Avery

Paul Newman was kinda cool and collected Dansk.

Photo: Sid Avery

Weekend / Stuff

VKG chairs, 40s terracotta sculpture and macrame   

Albert Blake and Isamu Kenmochi

Clay and a Sori Yanagi sake glass

George Nelson/Irving Harper fire starter and Japanese iron


AMBOS (Art Made Between Opposite Sides) serves as an idea lab for international creative collaboration. Through artist interventions and commuter collaborations that address bi-national transition and identity, AMBOS seeks to create a greater sense of interconnectedness in the border region while simultaneously documenting the border artisan market scheduled for demolition (seen here on the right).
Artist coordinators include Tanya Aguiniga (LA/TJ), Cog*nate Collective (LA/SD/TJ), Relaciones Inesperadas (TJ), Ingrid Hernandez (TJ) with Peter Wisse (Netherlands), POLEN [Adriana Trujillo and Jose Inerzia] (TJ) and Isabel Gil Gomez + Pablo Martinez Zarate + Juan Alberto Apodaca (Mexico City).
Tanya Aguiñiiga's Border Quipu project involved a team of volunteers who gave two pieces of string to commuters waiting in line to cross the border and are asked them to tie the strings into a knot.
Photo: Tanya Aguiñiga
The knots were collected and added to a large scale quipu to that was displayed on a billboard at the border. The strings represent Mexico and the US on either side of the border and our mental state while crossing. Border Quipu will be exhibited at Pacific Standard Time next year.
The closing party took place on the Tijuana side of the border crossing. Mariachis played between car lanes, food, art talks and DJ's all happened in and around the soon to be demolished border artisan marketplace. 
It's usually not a good thing to be stuck at the border for hours, so having the closing party at the border was a surreal experience.  

Moisés Horta Valenzuela recorded audio at the border for sound installations.

Photo: AMBOS